When will the FeelFlight Grip be available?

After many delays we are now producing units.  There were many complex production issues to work out.  In addition, we did a very aggressive and thorough flight testing.  As of July, 2021, we are now taking firm orders and shipping product.  Also, we will be demonstrating and selling FeelFlight systems at AirVenture Oshkosh 2021.  Please visit us in building “C”, booth #3037.

When will the FeelFlight be available to the GA market?

The FAA has made it easier for manufacturers to sell and also for owners to install angle of attack systems in certified aircraft.  The FeelFlight system is essentially an “angle of attack” indicator and an “inclinometer.”  We have installed FeelFlight in a Cessna 150.  An STC is no longer required.  Basically you just need an A & P to sign off the installation.  This C150 is currently used for flight instruction.  The flight instructors are very pleased with how the FeelFlight is a powerful aid in instruction.  Where the typical flight instructor would yell, “WATCH YOUR AIRSPEED, WATCH YOUR BALL!!!!”.  Now with a simple glance they can see if the student is holding the aircraft at Vy for climb out and has the proper rudder input.

How much will it cost?

We are now selling the basic FeelFlight kit for $2000.00 U.S.  This includes one grip.  If the pilot wishes to install a second grip in the right seat or rear seat, the second grip is $650.00.  In addition, there are other options available.  Go to our “PURCHASE” page for ordering and browsing the other options that are available.

What are the switch options?

The grip comes with four push switches.  These can be configured to whatever ever the pilot preferences are.  Some of the choices are: PTT, flaps up, flaps down, autopilot disengage and so forth.  One popular option is to replace the large top switch with a four position “hat” switch for trim.  This allows left/right aileron trim and up/down elevator trim with your thumb on the top of the grip.  See our store under the “PURCHASE” page for the hat switch option.

Can I put the FeelFlight grip on my yoke?

In the Cessna we attached the grip to the yoke with a combination of “RAM” hardware and a custom fitting we make. This approach does not require an STC. See our store for the accessories for this type of installation.

Another option is replacing your Cessna, Piper, etc. yoke with a yoke we offer that has the FeelFlight grip as one of the handles. It is also an option to make it the left handle or right handle of the yoke. See our store for the yoke option. Note: this option does require an STC. The FAA likes our product and we are currently working with the local FSDO on the STC process for our yoke. It is their hope also to make FeelFlight an easy option for improving aircraft safety.