When will the FeelFlight Grip be available?

The FeelFlight Grip system is currently under development.  The Grip has been successfully prototyped and is demonstrating very effectively the intended functions.   This was the key to making the system work.  The ergonomics and feel of the grip are vital, as is the action of the thrust pins.  With those challenges behind us, we are now completing the development of the angle of attack sensor and the digital control module.  Simultaneously, we are developing production tooling.  Our goal is to be delivering systems to the experimental market in the summer of 2017.

UPDATE!  Our development was delayed for about a year.  This was primarily due to seed capital.  NEWS FLASH!  As of July 2019, our first production run is completed!  In fact, we have a booth at AirVenture and will be selling the FeelFlight.  

When will the FeelFlight be available the the GA market?

The FAA has made it easier for manufacturers to sell and also for owners to install angle of attack systems in certified aircraft.  The FeelFlight system is essentially an “angle of attack” indicator and a “inclinomoter.”  It is our hope that the new FAA rule will apply to our system.  If so, it will be available to the GA market possibly at the same time it is made available to the experimental market.

How much will it cost?

Until the manufacturing tooling and processes are completed we do not know what the retail price of the system will be.  Currently our goal is to have it in the range of $1000 to $1500.  Update: The first FeelFlight systems will be marketed at $1950.00 .

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